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Welcome to the Bookingscentral.com website. We are pleased that you decided to visit the website and benefit from the large amount of informative resources that are available to the public. As a guest visitor and registered user of the www.bookingscentral.com website you agree at all times to the following Terms Of Use agreement detailed on this page.

Use Of The www.bookinsgcentral.com Website

You agree at all times to the terms and conditions detailed in this page as a guest visitor and as a registered user. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions noted on this page then do not access the www.bookingscentral.com website.

Content Uploaded To www.bookingscentral.com

All materials uploaded to the www.bookingscentral.com website are provided without fees or dues. An unlimited usage license is granted by the uploader to the www.bookingscentral.com website. This includes any text and photos uploaded to the www.bookingscentral.com website by guest visitors or registered users. You agree not to require any compensation, service or benefit of any kind from the www.bookingscentral.com website for content that you upload using the Internet.

Reviews And Comments

Owners of companies that are being reviewed by visitor guests and registered users have the right at all times to post responses. Please use the forms on the www.bookingscentral.com website to provide any responses.

Prohibited Actions

Inappropriate reviews, comments or photos posted by registered users will be deleted by the staff of the www.bookingscentral.com website. Profanity, nudity, solicitations, illegal files, inaccurate statements and abusive comments are not allowed. Any guest visitors or registered users who are found not to be operating in compliance with the Terms Of Use will be permanently banned from using the www.bookingscentral.com website.

Booking With Third Party Suppliers

Any travel bookings that you make are directly with the specific service provider.

Links To Third Party Websites

The www.bookingscentral.com website links to third party websites. These external third party websites are not owned or controlled by the www.bookingscentral.com website. You agree not to hold the owners of the www.bookingscentral.com website liable for any actions of the third party websites that are linked to. The owners of the www.bookingscentral.com website are not responsible for any content on external websites.

Website Software

When you use the www.bookingscentral.com website software you agree to the Terms Of Use listed on this website. All website software remains the property of the www.bookingscentral.com website.

Emails Sent To You

By creating a user account on the www.bookingscentral.com website you agree to allow the server to send you email updates regarding your account, reviews, comments, photos and other topics. Your email address is never shared with any third party and remains securely held by the www.bookingscentral.com website at all times. You must have an email address to use the www.bookingscentral.com website. If you no longer wish to receive emails from the www.bookingscentral.com website, please delete your account.

Liability Of Content You Upload

You are responsible at all times for any content that you upload to the www.bookingscentral.com website. This includes any text or and photos. You assume all risks involved with uploading content to the www.bookingscentral.com website.


All copyright materials remains the sole property of the copyright holder at all times.

Agency & Service Fees

The www.bookingscentral.com website is not a travel booking agent. The www.bookingscentral.com website does not charge any service fees to registered users or guest visitors of the website.

Website Liability

You agree at all times not to hold the www.bookingscentral.com website owners liable in any way.


as a guest and a registered user of the www.bookingscentral.com website you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold the website owners harmless. This includes any costs, liabilities and legal fees from any claim or demand made relating to your usage of the www.bookingscentral.com website.

Legal Jurisdiction

British Columbia, Canada is the legal jurisdiction for the www.bookingscentral.com website.

Changes To Terms Of Use

The www.bookingscentral.com website reserves the right to change the Terms Of Use at anytime without notice. Please check this page often to ensure that you have read the most recent version of Terms Of Use for the www.bookingscentral.com website.


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