Privacy Policy

Below is the official Privacy Policy for the website. All guest visitors and registered users agree to the following Privacy Policy terms and conditions at all times when accessing the website. Please read all of the important  Privacy Policy details below before accessing the website.

Information Collected

The website collects information about guest visitors and registered users who access the website using the Internet. This includes the tracking of computer IP addresses and the usage of tracking cookies. When you access the website you agree to information being collected about you, your computer, your Internet connection and others types of data.

Information Usage

Information collected by the website is used to customize the website browsing experience to make it more informative and enjoyable. The information is also used for statistical analysis (analytics). Information is stored in databases that are connected to the Internet.

Information Sharing

The website does not share any registered user or guest visitor information with any third party unless required by law or court order. Email addresses are never shared, sold or rented to any third party and remain confidential at all times.

Links To External Websites

The website links to external websites. Please be advised that these are external websites that are not covered by this Privacy Policy. Please make sure to read the Privacy Policy on any third party website that is linked to from the website.

Modifications To This Privacy Policy

The website reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any times without notice. Please visit the Privacy Policy page on the website often to make sure you have read the current terms and conditions.

Terms Of Use

For more information about the terms and conditions when accessing the website, please visit the Terms of Use page.

Contacting Bookings Central

You can use email form on the Contacts page to communicate with Bookings Central if you have any additional questions or comments.